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Mice Infestation

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During the autumn, small rodents desperately look for a place to spend winter. They like it heated, with a pantry full of opened cereal boxes or bags of chips and all that with no lease to sign.

They will make all the necessary efforts to reach their goals. While you are reading this, they may be walking close to your house, ready to flatten and squeeze through an opening as small as 0,6 centimeters or the size of a dime.

Mice are great acrobats and climbers. They can reach the attic by slipping under soffits or top of brick walls. Prev-Ext will offer a turn key calking service to close openings. We will also take a look at various vents and exhaust openings, blocking them with steel wool or Styrofoam.

Mice travel along pipes. We often find their feces under the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink or near the hot watertank. They like to hide in the steel wool in the attic. Our advice is to listen carefully during bedtime. Mice act up during the night. They can get hungry and get odd. They come out to find food and then you finally see them, it means that the colony has grown bigger and it is time to call your exterminator.

The worth thing is that the female can give birth every 40 to 50 days to a litter of 4 to 7 babies, which will have grown in only eight weeks into happy prolific rodents. Furthermore, they carry diseased and their urine and feces can be harmful for your health.