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Although present in sewers, rats rarely bother us. We know they roam under the streets of our citied and they better stay there.

The most common in greater metropolitan Montreal is the Norway rat. Most often with a brownish coat, rats are larger than mice and can weight up to one pound.

How can they work their way into our buildings and how do we recognize signs of their presence?

Most of the time, they infiltrate through plumbing pipe breakage.

At night, when you hear noise inside walls that seem like running or scratching, or when you find nibbled and chewed things like damaged food packaging, it could be caused by rats. Their presence can be confirmed by finding cylindrical shaped feces which are larger than those of mice.

Rats multiply quickly and they often carry diseases, so you must act immediately.

Prev-Ext Extermination will eradicate rats. Our plumbing specialists will make all the necessary testing in order to find the source of your problem, if unfortunately, that is the case.

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In this picture, a customer used poison he purchased to get rid of rats by himself. This is not recommended. Better call a professional in this type of situation.