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What to do if unfortunately, you wind up with bed bugs.

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When you discover bed bugs in your residence, you must act quickly to get rid of them and void that your problem becomes a major invasion.

To contact us is the best way to insure an efficient extermination job.

By all means, do not use insecticides bought over the counter, as these products may be harmful to health infused wrongly. Furthermore, they can make bed bugs more resistant to treatment.

If you are renting and have bed bugs in your apartment, you must immediately inform the owner so he may contact us quickly.

After our survey, we will give you specific instruction to prepare the site before our treatment and it if of the utmost importance to follow these instruction during and after treatment in order to maximise the success rate.

Teamwork between you and Prev-Ext is a must so that bed bugs become a bad experience rather than an eternal nightmare.