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Customers often call us claiming that they have bees. In fact, 99% of the time they are wasps. Wasps use more or less the same operating mode with nests built with paper located in trees, under rooks or other structures or sometimes underground.

In the worst case scenario, people will notice during summer some movement in and out of a small opening outside the house (for instance between bricks or stones and exterior cladding.)

Later, wasps will make their nest inside the house’s structure, whether the attic or some other hiding place away from bad weather. The problem is that they would wind up inside the house if you let their nest grow. In this case, you must be conscious and the best action is without a doubt to call us.

In view of the nasty nature of these insects, it is strongly not advisable to destroy a nest without expert help. They will protect their nest and you know how painful their strings can be, In rare cases it can even be deadly.

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